Steps selling your property in the Dartmouth NS area!

Selling your home tips and get CYRIOUS with Daniel Cyr
Video Transcription

Daniel Cyr: After your house has been on the market, your realtor will install a lockbox in your property. Inside your lockbox will be a key for your property. The only REALTOR get access to your 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM for any show. Now when realtor directors show your property, they’ll tell your listing agent, and your listing agent will call you to get access to your property. Sometimes a buyer will give you two-hour notice, five-minute warning, maybe a 24-hour notice. Get your house ready and wait for the call. Try not to be home. When the realtor’s showing you’re probably during 11:00 and 12:00, they want to be there with the buyer themself. They want to have a hundred percent control of your property. So please, do not be home for showing.

When a realtor’s showing your property, make sure all the lights are on. You get more welcome when the lights are on. For every show, you must remove all animals from your property. The reason is simple, we have a lot of buyers and realtors allergic to animals. Keep it out of the property, please. And by the way, get out the bed, the food bowl, and the litter box. Get it out of the property, get it clean, let’s get a showing.

Every garbage should be removed from the property, including the basement, bathroom, kitchen. Oh, by the way, don’t forget the garbage in the kid’s bedroom. On quick notice, you could have a five-minute warning, so on the daily basis, clean your house, make sure you make your bed, clean the dishes and vacuum, and get your house ready like a model home. GET CYRIOUS!

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