House free market value downtown Dartmouth NS, CANADA

Charlottetown Way , Dartmouth, NS, CA, B2W 3B4
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hey, good morning folks. Yesterday I got a call to go to see a property from the outside, so I print the full address, and we’re going to head to 8 Charlottetown Way at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to see the outside of the property.

Okay, folks, we’re here. That’s the property. They want me to do a quick market evaluation. It’s a blue house with the loader van in a parking way in front. It seemed to be a high traffic street. We on the Charlotte Way and in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I was just going to drive by as soon I got less traffic here going in front of me. Were going to take a quick drive-by in the front of the property and hopefully we could do business with these potential clients.

I can see this area, it’s a very, very high prestige, small bungalow homes. Very high demand for those bungalows. And this is the other street right beside the Charlotte Way town. A very quiet street down the next one. Anyway, we’re going back to the office and we’ll see what can we produce for this potential seller and standby folks.

Here’s another view from a different angle for that property. It’s a property, the blue property on the corner lot and the starting market in this area here, it’s about the 200,000. This property looked like have a new roof, good windows, look fairly new so we’ll have to give them a break.

From that property, just one minute walk, you’re right downtown, the portion of Dartmouth you could see  Nova Scotia Liquor Store, Burger King, Dollarama, a pet store, garage, pharmacy. Very, very primary for anyone to want to walk downtown Dartmouth.

Here again to last view at that property, on the market, that blue right there, and then what we’ll do, we’ll carry on, on this street here, and show you a little bit more about this lovely neighborhood in Dartmouth and we’re right downtown Dartmouth, the house starting at around 200… $250,000 and we up about the four $450,000 on this property here in Dartmouth. Again, we’re right down Dartmouth Nova Scotia and I’d be delighted to bring them a price on that property. The market is very, very fast, so it looks like a nice little house. So let’s work on a deal. I’ll get you back.

Again, different angles for that property on the corner lot there. It’s high traffic in this area, but the lovely, lovely little house, so it should be easy to sell that. Let’s try to work them for a deal.


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