House for sale, Keystone Village Dartmouth, NS

House for sale, Keystone Village Dartmouth, NS
Daniel Cyr:
Let me introduce you to Keystone Village. Today, we are on April 29, 2021. Let’s talk about the market in Keystone Village.

Here’s one of my listings I just sold in Lexington, Keystone Village, in Dartmouth. This lovely property had five-bedroom, and yes, I sold that. Look at this beautiful For Sale sign. Now it’s Sold. And if you just drive up the street just a little bit, we’ll see two more. Daniel Cyr is selling every-

Again, I just want to prove to you. Nobody’s selling more houses than Daniel Cyr in this neighborhood here, on Lexington.

Now, we’re just going to drive by one more time, about 10 houses down the street. And you’ll see the other one that Daniel Cyr sold. Nobody, nobody beat me in this area, no one.

Here’s another Sold. This lovely Keystone village area. Again, you find a nice property in this area. This is a beautiful, gorgeous property right there. Bang, bang, bang. Another one right there. If you want to buy or sell in this area, please contact me.

Again, folks, this broadcast was made by Daniel Cyr, RE/MAX Nova. If you want to buy or sell in this area, give me a call: (902) 830-4081. Daniel Cyr in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Be safe out there. Wear your mask. Wash your hands.

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