Unia Estates

Unia Estates
Video Transcription

Daniel Cyr: Hey folks. Here are we in here at Unia Estates in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This is a subdivision. It has been developed about seven to nine years ago. It’s fully developed, this area. What we’re doing now, we’re starting to develop a phase number five for Unia Estates. Phase number five is on the other side of this lane here and I’ll show you from the other side.

I just want to take one second here to show you a little bit about the map for this Poonam and Stanfield new subdivision in Unia Estates in Dartmouth.

Now we’re going to the other subdivision in Unia Estates and this is on their little corner store. Very popular for kids. Very, very friendly people. Now, we just saw kids. They’re walking from the school to the corner store, having a piece of pizza. And here is the new subdivision here in… New construction in Unia Estates in Dartmouth. We’re going to have 22 home construction on the go the next five or six months. Hopefully, we could sell them all. Again, this is the new phase five. In this phase right now, we have some vacant lot. They’re ready to build your dream house. We have some bare foundation. And we have this big house here starting to be framing the inside of this property. If you keep going to this subdivision, we got a brand new house. It’s asking 450 for this blue one here. It’s bigger, and it’s ready to move in anytime you want. Fully finish. And there’s another one here. We could be finished in two months. And also, in the subdivision, we got a few more under construction.

Again, this is Daniel Cyr with RE/MAX and how the facts are real and we’re talking directly from Unia Estates in Dartmouth. Please welcome, come and see us in Unia Estates and build your dream house. I just want to finish folks with this. A video would give you a screenshot of my license. It met the get serious. I’m a serious realtor with RE/MAX and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Welcome folks. Let’s come in here and build your dream property.


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